Hello and Welcome to the Website home of the South Central PA Search and Rescue Team...

The South Central PA Search and Rescue Team is a Search and Rescue Team based in York County, Pennsylvania.  The Team was developed to help local emergency services and communities deal with lost or missing persons no matter what the situation entails.  South Central PA Search and Rescue is a 100% Volunteer, Non-Profit 501c3, Search & Rescue Team that is available 24/7 - 365 Days a Year.  We are a "Support" Team that local Fire, Rescue, EMS, Police, Water Rescue, and other emergency agencies can call upon to assist in mitigating any incident involving a lost or presumed missing person.

The Team operates with Ground Search Crews, a K9 Search Team, a Mountain Bike Search Team, a Water Rescue/Resource Team, Drone Team, and a CERT Team.  All Team Members are very professional and certified in various aspects of Search and Rescue as well as EMS and Medical, Firefighting, Water Rescue, Hazardous Materials, NIMS, and many other certifications which support the overall team operations.  The Team can also function strictly as a CERT Team to assist in times of Disaster and to assist in Emergency Evacuations, supplement Emergency Personnel, assist with Medical Operations, and support Rescue Functions.

Once requested the Team will respond and function under the Incident Commander for the incident at hand.  Our Team will operate as a support team to assist in the overall incident.  We will not take over the incident nor assume responsibility of the incident as we are a mutual aid support team.  The Team is able to assist with all aspects of the incident and is very "user

                                                                                          friendly" in any application or need.   

York County - Station 93

Our Team is dedicated to assisting those in their time of need. 

"Trained to Search... Able to Find... Ready to Rescue... Determined to Care..."

Notification...  Effective June 30th 2021 this website will no longer exist... Effective June 30th 2021 SCPASAR SEARCH 93s' NEW WEBSITE will be located at http://southcentralpasearchnrescue.com.  Please make all appropriate changes to find us at our new location.   This new website will allow for us to have more content, a new fresh look, and added features for all of our viewers.   Look for this new website coming soon!!   Thank you for your continued support and we hope you follow us to our new home on the web.   See you soon!!   SCPASAR.

Team Credentials...

3 Certified MLSO Search Managers

2 Certified NASAR SAR Tech I Responder 

4 Certified NASAR SAR Tech II Responders 

4 Certified NASAR SAR Tech III Responders

2 Certified NASAR SAR Tech IV Responder

2 NASAR Advanced SAR Responders 

5 NASAR Search and Rescue Initial Actions Responders

24 Certified Wilderness Search Responders

18 Certified Grid Search Responders

16 Certified Advanced Grid Search Responders

4 AFRCC Basic Inland Search and Rescue Responders

10 Certified FEMA ESF # 9 Search & Rescue Responders

5 Certified FEMA USAR Technical Search Specialists

7 Certified FEMA USAR K9 Search Specialists

2 Certified USAR Initial Search & Recon Operations Responders

3 Certified Child Abduction Response Team Members

5 Certified Incident Command Responders

4 Certified Wilderness First Aid Responders 

3 Certified Wilderness First Responders

1 PA Certified EMR

8 PA Certified EMTs

2 PA Licensed Physician Assistants

7 Certified Pet First Aid Responders

2 PA Certified Water Rescue Technicians

27 PA Certified Water Rescue Awareness Responders

8 PA Certified Water Rescue and Emergency Response Responders

3 PA Certified Emergency Boat Operations Rescue Responders

1 PA Certified Ice Rescue Awareness Responder

3 PA Certified Ice Rescue Emergency Response Responders

4 PA Certified Advanced Line Systems Rescue Responders

1 PA Certified Rescue Technician

3 Certified High Angle Rope Rescue Technicians

3 Certified Safety Officers

1 Haz-Mat Specialist

2 Haz-Mat Technician

6 Haz-Mat Operations Responders

6 Haz-Mat Awareness Responders

1 Certified IPMBA EMS Cyclist

9 Firefighters

10 Certified Fire-Police Responders

2 Certified Part 107 Drone Operators

7 Certified SkyWarn Responders

1 Certified Advanced SkyWarn Responder 

6 Certified HAM Radio Operators

23 Certified CERT Responders

(Plus many more additional certifications and credentials)

Membership Affiliations...

The South Central PA Search and Rescue Team has current Memberships and Affiliations with the following organizations...

EMS-RESCUE Special Operations Response Team

South Central PA Search and Rescue CERT Team

Pennsylvania Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (PA VOAD) 

York County CARE Team

York County, PA CERT Team

York City, PA CERT Team

Eastern York County Emergency Management Agency

Hellam Township Emergency Operations Center

Hellam Township; Hellam, PA

Wrightsville Boro; Wrightsville, PA

Newberry Regional Emergency Management Agency

Lancaster County Conservancy

Clearview Animal Hospital

The Baltimore Life Insurance Company

Collinsville Community Library

Franklin Twp. Emergency Management Agency

Lancaster County Firemen's Association, Inc.

SCPASARs' 2021 Officers...

Operational Officers

Chief - Kurtis Timmer

Deputy Chief - Mike Fischer

Assistant Chief - Drew Harlacher

Captain - Adam Smith

EMS Captain - Adam Smith

Drone Captain - Derek Bowersox

K9 Captain - Jimi Timmer

Fire-Police Captain - Charles Stevens, III

Lieutenant - Dan Koprowski

EMS Lieutenant - Alexander Taylor

K9 Lieutenant - Christopher Newton

Fire-Police Lieutenant - Cody Eckenrode

Drone Coordinator - Derek Bowersox

Junior Advisor - Mike Fischer

Training Officer - Drew Harlacher

Public Information Officer - Kurtis Timmer      

Safety Officer - Adam Smith

Security Officer - Jimi Timmer

Communications Officer - Dan Koprowski

Administrative Officers

President - Mike Fischer

Vice President - Adam Smith

Secretary - Jennie Stevens  

Treasurer - Jimi Timmer

Director 1 - Keith Vaden

Director 2 - Charles Stevens, III

Director 3 - Derek Bowersox

Honorary Members

Allen Beckley
Zachary Botzer *

Meet the Team...

Team Members

Thomas Abbott

Janet Aubry

Zachary Beazley

Tony Bortner

Derek Bowersox

Madison Bowman

Martin Brennan

Noah Brown

John Cheeseman

Ciera Dauberman

Cody Eckenrode

Cade Fennell

Lisa Fischer

Michael Fischer

Karen Flaig

William Foley

Trisha Gohn

Lewis Hahn

Drew Harlacher

Shawn Henderson

Rob Kivlan

Daniel Koprowski

Jane Lasher

Jeromey Marsteller

Blake McGlinch

Daniel Messina

Christopher Newton

Rebecca Parsons

John Pavoncello

Craig Porterfield

Jason Ritter

Nicole Ritter

Sarah Ronsani

Erick Sanford

Cody Santiago

Nicholas Schratz

Mindy Shepler

William Simpers

Adam Smith

Isaac Smith

Jennifer Lettich-Snyder

Julian Staub

Charles Stevens, III

Jennie Stevens

Nathaniel Stoner

Ethan Still

Alexander Taylor

Jimi Timmer

Kurtis Timmer

Keith Vaden

Laurie Vaden

K9 Members

K9 "Bear"

K9 "Charlie"

K9 "Charlotte"

K9 "Honor"

K9 "Isa"

K9 "Jules"

K9 "Leilani"

K9 "Mali"

K9 "Major"

K9 "Moose"

K9 "Piper"

K9 "Puck"

K9 "Sadie"

K9 "Sawyer"

K9 "Shylo"

K9 "Speedy"